Solar Stirling Plant Review

Finally, after many years of anticipation the Solar Stirling Plant has been released!
With the help of some of the leading engineers in the field of renewable technologies, homeowners can harness the power of solar energy with a powerful solution.

The Solar Stirling Plant has been shown to help homeowners save 50% on the electricity bill, or even make money from the energy companies with the energy their Solar Stirling Plant generates.

Unlike other solar panel products, the Solar Stirling Plant uses a simple and reliable technology to make solar energy 15x more powerful than what is produced with typical solar panels.

Solar Powered Stirling Engine Video

Here’s my Experience with the Solar Stirling

After an In-Depth reading and following the instructions of the Solar Stirling eBook…
I can report these results:

It’s been 16 days since I’m running my Solar Stirling Plant. Even though I’m not a DIY gal, this system was pretty easy to build, I just followed the instructions and because there are a lot of pictures showing you what to do, I managed to build it in only one weekend. At the second weekend I helped my son build another one for himself we currently store the excess energy into Battery Bank and use them via Inverter at night to power our homes, I recommend this DIY guide to any homeowners who want to save thousands of dollars on typical solar panels that can take years to pay for themselves.

Get The Solar Stirling Plant Guide Here!

It is an easy-to-follow-guide, for the average person -it will pay for itself within few weeks.
As an early-user of this guide I must say that I was impressed at how easy the guide was to follow and amazed at how much energy it produce.
I am planning very soon to build a second Solar Stirling Dish and start selling my excess electricity to the electricity company.

How much does it cost?

Unlike typical solar panels that can cost up to $20,000!
The Solar Stirling Plant can be built using materials
found at any hardware store for about $100.

How does the Stirling Engine works?

Based on a method designed by Dr. Robert Stirling as an alternative for steam engines more than 100 years ago, the device uses parabolic dish to produce an intense heat from the sun to heat the gas or the air within the engine.
As the hydrogen gas is heated, it expands and pushes the piston down, which turns a generator that produces electricity.

Those who wish to buy the guide should visit the official site here.

Solar Stirling Plant has only made a limited number of these discounted guides available so that they can provide those who invest in the product the best level of service.

What is in the Guide?

  • Complete illustrated instructions that detail the process of creating a Solar Stirling Plant.
  • Access to full technical support if you have any questions (very Important!)
  • Detailed list of very cheap material for building the Solar Stirling Plant
  • List of shops and websites that stock the material list
  • Step-by-Step, constructed chapters and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Tips and Tricks on how to tweak the Stirling engine to get more power

To get immediate access to Solar Stirling Plant guide, go to their official website here.

The Solar Stirling Plant is designed to work in all weather conditions, regardless of temperature. Any excess energy generated by the Solar Stirling Plant devices that isn’t used by the home goes back to the grid, in which case electricity companies pay homeowners for their energy contribution.

18 thoughts on “Solar Stirling Plant Review

  1. Dale McClain

    Neat concept. How much power could be generated with a parabolic dish? I live in a relatively cloudy area, so I wonder whether it would produce much electricity. Where would one buy a parabolic dish?

  2. luis s alvarez jr

    good day!

    I’m interested in this, how much is the manual? components – are they available in hardware stores, say ace in Philippines?


    1. Daniel

      In the manual they explain where to get all the parts and how to easily assemble these parts for this to work properly. In case some parts are missing in your country, you can order these parts online.

  3. M. Sunil

    What should be the price of the Sun Mirror Dish & Stirling Engine ?
    We have a small agriculture farm and wish to utilize this Free Energy from Solar
    for Agriculture purpose and train the village people to sustain.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Thanks & Regards,

    M. Sunil

    1. Daniel

      As far as I know, Stirling Engine are most suitable for this matter
      Stirling Engines work on heat and they are used by companies working in geothermal energy.

  4. Troy Lundstrom

    Do you sell the completed sterling eng for this kit, or do you have contacts where I can buy one fully assembled?

    Troy Lundstrom

    1. Daniel

      Please watch the presentation in the links – they will give you all information in the eBook, on where to buy all the parts to complete this project.

    1. Daniel

      Follow the links in the article – this is a DIY eBook and it explain it all where to get all the parts and how to easily assemble these parts for this to work properly.

  5. juan

    I watched the video and the comments are good… but in some of your website shows that the power from the dish can be directed to the electrical network (or something like that) that way you don’t have to use batteries to store power.
    Does the manual talks about that and tells how to set that up at the electric company?


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